russian handmaden souvenirs, gifts, porcelain dolls, in national clouthes, angels, talismans, from Saint-Petersburg, Russia

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    WELCOME to the "DOLLS` home" !

    author dolls by  Agnia Menjinckaya and Marina Tchepiolkina,Saint-Petersburg, Russiaaouthor dolls by Galina Tomashevskaya

    Absolutely real dolls live here in the virtual "Dolls` home". There are beauties in national costumes, princesses and fantastic heroes, history characters, souvenir and great author`s handmaden dolls, toys for kids and collection dolls for adults...

    There are surprising events here... It is found out the dolls like the people love to get to know each other very much, to communicate and to be friends.

      dolls from russian talesauthor`s dolls by  Svetlana Gerasimova, Mejdurechensk, Russia

    They "learn" about each other and aspire to meet. Therefore the door of the Dolls` home is always open for our friends!

    The dolls love to travel, they are curious and friendly... Probably there is because each doll is thought up and created by the FOREMAN without dependence whether it is serial or exclusive author's model.

    The DOLLS` home project is started by active, embodiments people, who keen by surprising art of the dolls creation. They are the professional and original designers, foremen, artists with support by self-denying manager team there>>>>>>
    suspended dolls in russian national costumessuspended dolls in russian national dresses

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